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"How Yale Begat Chicago."

There is a new article about Maurine Watkins, written by Judith A. Schiff, called "How Yale Begat Chicago." Schiff is the chief archivist at Yale University Library. Shiff's assistant, Jacqueline Nelson, contacted me for information and direction when researching the article, which was subsequently published in the May/June 2012 issue of Yale Alumni Magazine, pp. 26-27. If the above link doesn't work, perhaps the arfticle has been moved. Go to and search for "Maurine Watkins" or "How Yale Begat Chicago.")

Please keep writing in about your production of any Maurine Watkins play you are doing. I will publish a notice here, as well as pictures (or links to them), of your production. (The last one I was made aware of was back in 2010 (see below).

Thank you for all your support!

—John Elliott, 23 May 2012

Photos of the latest version of the original Chicago (the non-musical) which closed 19 November 2010. (From my site menu, go to Productions > Chicago; then, under "Past Productions," click on the Production Photos link for Academy for the Performing Arts.)